Compare and Contrast Essays Worksheets

Compare and Contrast Essays 1

EAP Compare and Contrast Essays Worksheet - Writing Exercises: Categorising, Gap-fill, Identifying, Unscrambling, Creating an Essay Outline, Writing an Essay - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 90 minutes

In this compare and contrast essays worksheet, students are introduced to compare and contrast essay structure and attempt an essay writing practice. First, students read a description of compare and contrast essays and compare the two structures for organising this type of essay - block structure and point by point structure. In pairs, students then discuss and share the differences between the two structures. Next, students arrange transition signals used in compare and contrast essays according to their functions. After that, students complete two sentences using the transition signals. Students then read an example essay and underline all the transition signals that show similarities and differences, and circle the sentence that shows the transition from similarities to differences. Following that, students unscramble sentence parts to reveal two sentences that show a transition from similarities to differences. Next, students choose two subjects for a compare and contrast essay. Students then list their similarities and differences and use the list to complete a compare and contrast essay outline. Finally, students use the outline to write their own compare and contrast essay.
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