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EAP Problem Solution Essays Worksheet - Writing Exercises: Gap-fill, Categorising, Identifying, Brainstorming, Listing, Creating an Essay Outline, Writing an Essay - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 90 minutes

In this problem solution essays worksheet, students are introduced to problem solution essay structure and attempt a problem solution essay writing practice. First, students read a description of problem solution essays and compare two structures for organising a problem solution essay - block structure and chain structure. Students then complete sentences with phrases used for problem solution essays. Next, students arrange the phrases into a table according to their function and add any additional phrases they may know to the table. After that, students read an example problem solution essay and underline language that indicates a problem or a solution. Next, with a partner, students discuss three problems and think of some solutions. Students then choose one problem and create a block structure essay outline on the topic. Following that, students use the outline to write their own problem solution essay. Finally, students swap their essay with another student and do a peer review.
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