Closing a Presentation - Business English Worksheets and Activities

Closing a Business Presentation

Business English Closing a Presentation Worksheet - Reading, Vocabulary and Writing Exercises: Labelling, Ordering, Gap-fill, Writing Sentences - Speaking Activity: Presenting - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 50 minutes

In this comprehensive closing a presentation worksheet, students learn and practice language, techniques, and steps for closing a business presentation. First, students label each part of a business presentation closing with an appropriate heading. Students then arrange sentences in the correct order to form a presentation closing summary. Next, students complete calls to action with phrases from a box. After that, students unscramble sentences to form expressions of gratitude to an audience. Next, students complete memorable statements with the words provided. Students then move on to use the steps and language from the worksheet to create their own business presentation closing. Finally, in pairs, students take turns to deliver their presentation closing to their partner, who listens and provides feedback.
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