Resumes, CVs and Cover Letters - Business English Worksheets

CV Basics

Business English CVs and Resumes Worksheet - Reading, Vocabulary and Writing Exercises: Matching, Comprehension Questions, Gap-fill, Writing a CV - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 45 minutes

This comprehensive CV worksheet helps students learn and practice language and vocabulary commonly used in a CV as well as how CVs are written and structured. First, students complete a CV with an appropriate heading for each section. Next, students read a personal profile and answer reading comprehension questions about it. Students then complete CV-related sentences with vocabulary from a box. Lastly, students write their own CV by following prompts and using the language from the worksheet and example CV as a guide.
CV Basics Preview

Email Cover Letters

Business English Email Cover Letters Worksheet - Reading, Vocabulary and Writing Exercises: Gap-fill, Matching, Binary Choice, Sentence Completion - Speaking Activity - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 45 minutes

In this useful email cover letter worksheet, students learn and practice the key elements of writing an email cover letter. First, students read an email cover letter and complete collocations in bold with the words provided. Students then match sentence halves to create definitions for key email cover letter terms. Next, students complete example sentences from an email cover letter by underlining the correct words. After that, in pairs, students discuss six cover letter-related questions as a lead into the next exercise. Lastly, students think of a job they would like to apply for and create a first draft of an email cover letter by following prompts and using the example email cover letter and language used in the worksheet as a guide.
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