Future Time Clauses ESL Worksheets and Games

Into the Future!

ESL Future Time Clauses Worksheet - Grammar Exercises: Matching, Identifying, Gap-fill, Unscrambling, Sentence Completion, Freer Practice - Pair Work - Intermediate (B1) - 30 minutes

This future time clauses worksheet helps students practice creating sentences with a variety of future time clauses. First, students read about future time clauses and look at examples. Next, students match sentence halves together and underline the future time clause in each sentence. After that, students complete each sentence with a time conjunction and a verb from a box, changing the verb forms as needed. Students then put words in order to create sentences with future time clauses. Following that, students complete sentences, choosing two verbs for each sentence and putting them in the correct form. Lastly, students complete future time clause sentences with their own endings and talk with a partner to compare their sentences to see if any of them are the same.
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When will it happen?

ESL Future Time Clauses Worksheet - Grammar Exercises: Identifying, Categorizing, Binary Choice, Error Correction, Rewriting Sentences from Prompts - Intermediate (B1) - 35 minutes

In this future time clauses worksheet, students practice using future time clauses to indicate when a future action will take place. First, students underline dependent clauses in sentences containing future time clauses and draw a box around the time words or phrases that introduce each clause. Next, students sort the sentences into categories according to when the independent clause will happen. After that, students choose the best time word or phrase to complete each sentence. Students then move on to correct errors in sentences containing future time clauses. Finally, students rewrite sentences with a future time clause that contains the words shown in brackets.
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When will you do it?

ESL Future Time Clauses Game - Speaking: Battleships, Asking and Answering Questions from Prompts, Freer Practice - Pair Work - Intermediate (B1) - 30 minutes

In this free future time clauses game, students play Battleships by asking and answering questions that use future time clauses. Students begin by marking four ships on their grid. Students then take it in turns to choose a square on their partner's grid. However, instead of giving a grid reference, the student makes a yes/no question using the corresponding household chore and future time clause, e.g. 'Will you wash the dishes when you have time?' Their partner listens to the question, looks at their grid and answers according to whether it is a hit or miss. If it's a hit, their partner replies positively, e.g. 'Yes, I will.' If it's a miss, they reply negatively, e.g. 'I'm sorry, I can't'. The student then marks the square with a 'H' for hit or 'X' for miss. The first student to sink all their partner's ships wins the game.
When will you do it? Preview

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