Proper Adjectives ESL Worksheets, Games and Activities

All Over the World

ESL Proper Adjectives Worksheet - Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises: Categorising, Error Correction, Gap-fill, Matching - Intermediate (B1) - 25 minutes

This free proper adjectives worksheet helps students learn and practice how to use proper adjectives for continents, regions, oceans, seas and mountains. Students begin by sorting geographical proper adjectives into categories. After that, students correct sentences combining directions with continent adjectives. Next, students complete sentences with proper adjectives from a box. In the last exercise, students match each phrase containing a proper adjective with its definition.
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Country Adjectives

ESL Proper Adjectives Worksheet - Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises: Word Forms, Unscrambling, Identifying, Error Correction, Gap-fill - Intermediate (B1) - 30 minutes

This productive proper adjectives worksheet helps students learn and practice country adjectives. Students start by unscrambling letters to find proper adjectives for countries. Students then match the adjectives with the countries in the box. After that, students add a suffix to each country name to make a proper adjective. Students then go back and underline the suffixes in the adjectives in Exercise A. Next, students correct facts about different countries. Finally, students complete sentences with a noun and a country adjective to make sentences that are true for them.
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Proper Adjectives Crossword

ESL Proper Adjectives Activity - Vocabulary and Speaking: Asking for and Giving Clues, Guessing - Pair Work - Intermediate (B1) - 20 minutes

In this rewarding proper adjectives activity, students complete a crossword by listening to clues and guessing proper adjectives. In pairs, students take it in turns to ask their partner for clues to the missing proper adjectives in their crossword. Their partner reads out the clue for each proper adjective using the word 'blank' for the missing adjective, and the other student tries to guess what it is. If the student guesses the proper adjective successfully, they write it on their crossword. If not, their partner continues to give more clues until the student manages to guess the word. When the students have finished, they check their spelling by comparing crosswords.
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I am Spartan!

ESL Proper Adjectives Board Game - Vocabulary: Unscrambling, Matching - Group Work - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 30 minutes

Here is an engaging proper adjectives board game to help students learn and practice city adjectives. Students take it in turns to roll the dice and move their counter along the board. When a student lands on an unclaimed square, they try to claim it by unscrambling the city adjective, matching it with the correct city in the box in the center of the board, and writing their name in the square. Students must work out the answer using a pencil and paper first. They then write the city adjective under the scrambled word in the square (e.g. Bogotano), tick or cross off the city in the box in the center of the board (e.g. Bogotá), and write their name under the adjective to claim the square (e.g. Sally). While a student is working on unscrambling an adjective, the next student begins their turn. If they land on the same square and can find the answer more quickly than the other student, they can steal the square. When all the squares have been claimed, check the answers with the group. Students score one point for each correct answer. The student with the most points wins the game.
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