Business English Worksheets, Activities and Role-Plays

Our business English section offers an extensive range of materials that are tailored to help your students improve their English language skills in a business context. These business English resources are suitable for students at various proficiency levels and are designed to be both practical and engaging. You will find activities, worksheets, and role-plays that help improve students' ability to express themselves clearly in a professional setting. These materials are designed to provide students with the tools they need to navigate the complex world of business with confidence and communicate effectively with their colleagues, clients, and superiors. You will find resources that focus on improving grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and speaking skills, as well as materials that are specifically designed to help students understand and use business-related concepts and terminology. Additionally, there are resources that are aimed at developing specific business skills, such as giving presentations, telephoning, and negotiating. Whether you are looking to supplement your existing lesson or create an entirely new one, our business English section will provide you with the resources you need to help your students succeed.

These business English worksheets and activities help to teach students the essentials of business email communication in English such as using the correct tone, register and format. The resources cover a variety of topics and serve as a comprehensive guide for students looking to enhance their business communication skills.
This page contains a variety of business English worksheets and activities related to meetings. These resources help students prepare for, conduct, and follow up on meetings and are designed to improve students' skills in conducting meetings in a professional setting.
These business English worksheets and activities help to teach students how to negotiate in English. Topics include stating a negotiation position, resolving conflicts, and maintaining rapport. The page also contains role-plays and teaching resources that cover various aspects of negotiations.
These business English activities and worksheets help students learn and practice how to effectively talk about their jobs and work. The resources help students describe their position, industry and sector as well as other important aspects of their jobs such as roles and responsibilities.

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